Life gives us the possibility to learn and spiritually grow. It’s all about being in balance with yourself and the universe. It’s about self-love, respect and gratitude.


I invite you to accompany me on my journey that has taught me a lot so far and has so much more to teach. I’m cultivating the holistic Vegan Raw X nutrition and lifestyle, learning to process all traumas from my past and practicing self-love and -acceptance which includes the entity of life. We should reclaim our roots and everything that lies quiet in it.


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I hope you are well!


Moon Hippie 🌙

Bye bye Slugs

How to become a master of the slimy ones in your garden

Do you remember when you let snails crawl on your hands when you were a child? It was a fun experiment, but you and your friends only did it once because it was so hard to wash off the yucky slime afterwards.

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Shame of blood

Appreciate The Feminine

There is a reason why there is male and female - even though it seems like men and women are equally afraid of the feminine. They forgot where they come from and how they were created. It's like they said goodbye to nature and hello to artificiality. Therefore many of them are just grossed out when it comes to blood. More precisely: menstrual blood.

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The Island

Plans are ideas, nor more nor less

Before I took my flight to the Emerald Island, I didn´t post where I was about to go. I had a plan and was excited when telling my friends and colleagues about. But I knew from experience that plans can always change. And so they did.

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Seven days of fasting

The Experience of Emptiness

Fasting - discipline, self-effacement, abjuration. We´re in the middle of Lenting season, 40 days in between Ash Wednesday and Holy Saturday. This time of renunciation in Christian calendar is meant for fasting - not only regarding food, drugs and vices, but also bad thoughts, old believes and negative emotions. It´s a time to get rid of everything - physically by not eating and spiritually by emtying your mind.

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How the energy of your food affects your body

Healing energy

I´m sure that you´ve been in the situation before: you were really stressed out and then you ate something in a hurry that made your stomach go loopy. Usually you can handle the simple sugar, the saturated fat or the wheat of that dish, but when your body is stressed it´s getting really sensitive.

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The coolest online fashion stores with the hottest sustainable styles

Let´s dress eco, fair, vegan!

Hello, fashion lovers! We want to live ecologically responsible and here are the good news: eco fashion can look super hot!

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Guide how to organize your wardrobe

Neat & Clear

Let's talk honestly: my wardrobe is huge. I've got a lot of dresses, sweaters, hats, tops, shoes, jewelry... In my closet you find second hand next to designer pieces next to H&M... Therebetween: only a few consciously produced pieces. Yet.

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Why I decided not to buy H&M anymore

Hello brain

Do you get the fashion newsletter? H&M has the coolest looks for an incredibly low price. Always fresh! I mean you get the newsletter at least once the week, they've got always new looks and they put stuff on sale the whole time. Yeah, H&M knows how to make you to want to buy! They even have a conscious line. For that you feel less guilty when you buy their clothes?

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When the world is mute

A walk in the snow

Silence. There is so few silence in this world. Silence has become the biggest luxury. Even in the countryside you hear the persistent sound of cars - and of engines and gun shots now and then. I remember walking in the woods and fields when I was a child. Noise was low. There was a silence, especially in winter. It was still the countryside that you imagine.

Back home in the North. Not that much snow.
Back home in the North. Not that much snow.
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When fake fur is real fur

Are you wearing dog?

Let´s be honest - fur can look great. You can look whether sophisticated, cool or sexy in it. But only if it´s fake! Even vegans love it and more and more people deny purchasing real fur. It´s not socially accepted anymore to wear skin and hair of conscious, feeling, suffering beings that were intentionally killed.


I remember when I touched a fur stole for the first time. It felt so wrong to the five years old me. The fur was cold, not like when you are touching a living animal and petting it. Another stole even had a fox head on it. I was disgusted and so was my mom. It was part of the belongings of an old aunt who had passed away and we gave it to a clothing drive to Russia. Back then my mom told me for the first time from what animals fur coats are made of and how many have to die for it.

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A year to remember

Challenge accepted

2016 was the cosmical year of Mars - fraught with tension, pugnacious, with conflictual potential. The year of perseverance. That´s what it was for me. It was a hard year, a tearful year, a happy year, a victorious year. It made me realize how strong I am and how much I have grown mentally and spiritually. As kitschy as it may sound: I survived every storm, sailed my boat through the most capricious waves and didn´t drown.

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The meaning of Christmas

Yule - The Northern feast of light

I am happy. I was thinking about what Christmas means to me today. When I was a child and even a few years ago, I enjoyed the tradition of Christmas. I was reading the Christmas story every year, decorating the house and tree with my mom, reading Christmas poems, baking cookies, singing Christmas carols and playing them on my guitar... It used to be a very special time for me and I enjoyed making the feast as peaceful as possible for my whole family. 

Today I see Christmas in a different light.
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Detox ABC: C - What dose? The diet plan

How to get rid of toxins and change your nutrition

Alright, you all know it from all kind of magazines, articles and books: the perfect diet plan with exact measurements for how much to eat and what to eat. Do you all have the same size, stature, body weight, metabolism, hunger, appetite and taste? No. So what´s important for your personal diet plan is that it fits you and your needs.

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Detox ABC: B - How to start

How to get rid of toxins and change your nutrition

B - How to start: If you want to do a successful detox you need the will to do it - therefore a good preparation is more than helpful.


First think about what kind of detox you prefer and how long you want to do it. You can rather do water feasting (water, tea, infusions, chlorella, spirulina, lemon water and vitamin D & B12 are allowed), juice feasting (like water feasting + fresh raw juices), smoothie feasting (like water & juice feasting + fresh raw smoothies), vegan raw x (everything raw and fresh) or just vegan x (healthy raw and cooked dishes).

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You hate me - I send you love

Stop hating and start being happy

There are people who hate me - still, after so many years. Not because I'm a bad person, not because I hurt them, not because I deserve it. They hate me because I distinguished from them back then and always will - while being happy being who I am and not trying to be who they are.

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Tapping Acupressure

The easiest way to a happy mind

I´m a pretty relaxed person, but there are things that make me nervous. Certain situations or people literally tense my body. For a while it even stressed me out before the situation happened because I knew what I had to expect. But a few years ago I learned to handle it by using a simple technique that calms my body down: Tapping acupressure. This technique that I was taught by my naturopaths is also called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which gets to the heart of it: It helps you to free yourself from negative thinking patterns and thereby from negative emotions.

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Detox ABC: A - What you need

How to get rid of toxins and change your nutrition

One of my dearest friends just asked me how to detox for getting fitter. Here is what I told her and what I´m also doing myself when I´m up for a green detox. It´s not only good for detoxing and cleansing your body over a short period of time, but as the beginning of a new lifestyle: Vegan Raw X.

Sculpture seen at Gerisch Stiftung
Sculpture seen at Gerisch Stiftung
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Do you know me?

How our expectations of a person may differ from the truth

There are people who are sure that they do know you. And there are people who really do. Of course we don't show each of our sides to every person, it differs depending on how close we are and how we are treated. I wouldn't say that I do know every side of my closest friends - I'm not their lover, their mother, their father, their sibling, their ex, their boss... - but since we are close I know many sides of them. Sides they wouldn't show to anybody. Same for me.

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Pomegranate Lemon Spinach Smoothie

Why this smoothie´s ingredients boost your health and musculature

This Smoothie is for everyone who likes a mix of sweet, sour and tart.


It only contains four ingredients (and water to make it smooth):


Bananas + Pomegranate + Lemon + Spinach + Water. :seedling:


It tastes very refreshing and gives you a boost of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

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You were pressured to abort me, but you decided to love me

Thank you, mom for not aborting me like most mothers would have done

It was in the early 90s when my mom was told by her doctor that she should abort the baby she was carrying. She was nearly 40 - for him already reason enough to end pregnancy - and he had found out that her child had the down-syndrome.

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Chlorella Nettle Smoothie

Detox Fans Look Out!

This Smoothie is for all detox fans! Chlorella & Stinging Nettle are super power plants that help your body to detox and restore. Perfect ingredients for a smoothie.

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The Appreciation of Loneliness

Emergency Kit: How to accept loneliness and let the pain go

I was wandering along the beach. Stones, rocks, autumn leaves and shells under my feet. The sun was shining on my naked arms and there was a wind blowing threw my hair and the long grass of the peninsula. There was a feeling of gratitude inside of me, a peaceful mind, zen*. I wasn't thinking too much, I just let it flow, I was.

But how comes that you can have this feeling, be happy when you are alone, actually enjoy loneliness?

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Red Cabbage Smoothie

When I´m making a smoothie I always try to use greens - or in that case violet greens. In the countryside I would prefer wild herbs and greens, but in the city you should take what the natural market has to offer. Let´s blend the organic red cabbage with fruits and veggies!


So that´s what I put in my Red Cabbage Smoothie today:


Bananas + Red Cabbage + Cucumber + Apples + Stinging Nettle Seeds + Water. :seedling:


Hmmmm! Organic and so good! It tastes fresh and healthy. If you have a thing for sweets, just add more bananas that have a lot of carbs which give you energy for the day.

Make-up War

Why we think we need it

Make-up is some form of warpaint. Different to warriors we don’t use it to scare off, but to attract. While warriors want to protect themselves by looking terrifying, we want to protect ourselves by attracting others. We are afraid to present ourselves naturally, clean, free of make-up in public, because we dread people’s opinions and judgments. If we would present ourselves unmade-up, we’d be naked. Everyone could see what we are about unvarnished.

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Happy Morning Smoothie

When you´re making a smoothie you can choose from a big variety. Why not take fruits and a lot of greens & veggies and blend them together? - Let´s do it!


So that´s what I put in my Happy Morning Smoothie today:


Bananas + Cucumber + Zucchini + Broccoli + Carrot (clean, but unpeeled) + Fresh Ginger (unpeeled) + Radish Leaves + Kohlrabi Leaves + Water. :seedling:


Hmmmm! Organic and so good! It tastes fresh and healthy. If you have a thing for sweets, just add more bananas that have a lot of carbs which give you energy for the day.

Where I come from

About me and my journey

I’m Diana Amadea, a traveller and wanderer. My vegan journey started five years ago when I decided to be more conscient about myself and the world around. I was vegetarian for a couple of years and then decided to make the next step with two of my brothers and become vegan.


I grew up in a small village in the countryside where my family owns a farm since centuries. My father managed it next to his job in the bank and my mum took care of the big garden and us five children. It’s on this magical land – on the fields, in the forests and under the fruit-bearing trees – where I decided that I want to adopt permaculture.


My siblings and I grew up with a lot of organic food instead of medical drugs. My mum cultivated a well-nigh holistic lifestyle in our family. I’m thankful for that since it opened my heart to nature, environmental protection, spirituality and compassion in a very young age. Nonetheless I had to grow and by growth I had to learn and am still learning a lot. I see life as the possibility to learn and spiritually grow. It’s all about being in balance with yourself and the universe. It’s about self-love, respect and gratitude.


I’m cultivating the holistic Vegan Raw X nutrition and lifestyle, learning to process all traumas from my past and practicing self-love and -acceptance which includes the entity of life. I´m not perfect, so I´m still in the process of eating completely raw.


I see myself rather as a spiritual than religious person even though I grew up with Catholicism and am still influenced by values that Jesus taught. I believe, but I truly think that you can’t be anywhere closer to God than in nature. We should reclaim our roots and everything that lies quiet in it.

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A Year