Where I come from

About me and my journey

I’m Diana Amadea, a traveller and wanderer. My vegan journey started five years ago when I decided to be more conscient about myself and the world around. I was vegetarian for a couple of years and then decided to make the next step with two of my brothers and become vegan.


I grew up in a small village in the countryside where my family owns a farm since centuries. My father managed it next to his job in the bank and my mum took care of the big garden and us five children. It’s on this magical land – on the fields, in the forests and under the fruit-bearing trees – where I decided that I want to adopt permaculture.


My siblings and I grew up with a lot of organic food instead of medical drugs. My mum cultivated a well-nigh holistic lifestyle in our family. I’m thankful for that since it opened my heart to nature, environmental protection, spirituality and compassion in a very young age. Nonetheless I had to grow and by growth I had to learn and am still learning a lot. I see life as the possibility to learn and spiritually grow. It’s all about being in balance with yourself and the universe. It’s about self-love, respect and gratitude.


I’m cultivating the holistic Vegan Raw X nutrition and lifestyle, learning to process all traumas from my past and practicing self-love and -acceptance which includes the entity of life. I´m not perfect, so I´m still in the process of eating completely raw.


I see myself rather as a spiritual than religious person even though I grew up with Catholicism and am still influenced by values that Jesus taught. I believe, but I truly think that you can’t be anywhere closer to God than in nature. We should reclaim our roots and everything that lies quiet in it.