Pomegranate Lemon Spinach Smoothie

Why this smoothie´s ingredients boost your health and musculature

This Smoothie is for everyone who likes a mix of sweet, sour and tart.


It only contains four ingredients (and water to make it smooth):


Bananas + Pomegranate + Lemon + Spinach + Water. :seedling:


It tastes very refreshing and gives you a boost of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Bananas are rich in potassium and carbs - they contain slow starch, meaning that even though your body can use the energy immediately, it also lasts for a while.  It´s one of the most popular fruits. The average American eats 11 kg (25 pounds) per year, the average German even 13 kg (29 pounds). If an average unpeeled banana weighs 170 g (I just scaled my normal sized bananas), it makes an average of 65 bananas for the American and 76 for the German per year. The funny thing is that it sounds like a lot to the average person, but like very little if you´re on Vegan Raw X. I easily eat around 10 bananas per day, mostly in smoothies. Makes up to 620.5 kg (around 1,370 pounds) per year or 3,650 bananas. Oh my goodness! Sounds like a lot of bananas!!! Crazy monkeys everywhere...


Pomegranates are known as tasteful and healing fruits since millenniums. Some people think that it´s actually the forbidden fruit Eva took a bite off in Genesis. The red flesh of the fruit, it´s red running juice, it´s encapsulated seeds - what could be more sinful? Sounds like a great, bloody theory, but I personally don´t think that it makes sense: Pomegranates have a pretty rough skin that you can´t eat. You have to peel it to enjoy it´s juicy, tart taste.


So what´s so healthy about pomegranates? It amounts of work to eat it - all that peeling and then cleaning the red juice that squirted, splattered, gushed everywhere (a bit over-dramatic, but not totally untrue) -, but it´s worth it. Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants. They give you a boost against oxidative stress that leads in combination with overacidification (mainly caused by animal protein) to all human diseases: rheumatism, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer´s disease, cancer, fatty liver, biological aging, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. There have been plenty of studies about the benefits of pomegranates on all these diseases. You can eat it or drink it´s juice to lower your blood pressure, to improve your blood sugar levels, to fight metastases etc.


And there is also a reason why Popeye is addicted to spinach. If eaten raw and fresh, this green power plant fuels the mitochondria of our muscle cells - helping to strengthen and grow our musculature. In circuitous ways, it also boosts the oxygen transport in our blood, lowers blood pressure and fights thrombose. We all hear about the health benefits of kale which is clearly one of the green power plants, but not as powerful as spinach which is also rich in iron and calcium.


Last but not least, there is a reason why lemons are not only used for their sour taste, but also against coughs and sneezes. They are full of vitamin C which is essential for a healthy immune system and they fight oxidative stress and overweight with flavonoids. The German idiom "Sauer macht lustig (Sour makes funny)" is actually true: Lemons help you to be healthier even if you are overweight.


Just be careful when reading citric acid in a list of ingredients. It is used for preservation in nearly everything - lemonade, hummus, yogurt, cheese, jelly, chips... Artificial produced citric acid has the contrary effects than lemons. It is poison for your body and teeth (read more about this topic in one of my upcoming articles) while lemons - and fruits in general - that contain citric acid help you to become your happiest and healthiest self. Even your body is producing citric acid. So if toothpaste commercials in television are warning you against citric fruits like lemons and oranges that could harm your teeth, show them your middle finger! It´s not citric fruits that damage your teeth, but artificial citric acid and dairy.