You hate me - I send you love

Stop hating and start being happy

There are people who hate me - still, after so many years. Not because I'm a bad person, not because I hurt them, not because I deserve it. They hate me because I distinguished from them back then and always will - while being happy being who I am and not trying to be who they are.

I made them hate me when I was just a little girl: I was a dreamer, head up in the clouds, thinking and feeling differently. I must have reminded them of the invisible, the unbelievable, the magical - that they couldn't see, believe in, feel. At least that´s what they still don´t understand about myself. What made me seem naive was being friendly and trustfully. I was happy living in my own world and having only a few friends - until they took me out of it as violently as kids can do. There was a time when I tried to be accepted by the ones who made my kid´s soul suffer until I didn´t want to be accepted by them anymore because of what it would mean: being like them and therefore being blind.


It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)


I started wondering about them being hateful towards me and I realized that they had not learned how beautiful life is when we accept each other and ourselves for being truly ourselves. Life is wonderful when we treat each other respectfully and politely - even if we don't agree with everybody and the way they think, live, love, believe.


Dear haters, here is my short, but honest letter to you:


Dear ???, persons who (still) hate me,


you are my age, you have a good education, you have friends and family, you can live a happy life. But you have so much anger and hate inside of you. Why is it that you waste your time trying to hurt my feelings with your written words? You feel powerful because you can hide your face behind your keyboard and display, but you don't have the courage to stand behind your words. I wish you well and hope that you become happy. I am sure that there is so much good and powerful in you that you can explore and bring into the light of the day.

If it's your job that doesn't satisfy you - change it, change yourself or work on it. If it's your relationships that don't satisfy you - change it, change yourself or work on it. If it's your surrounding that doesn't satisfy you - change it, change yourself or work on it. Whatever it is that makes you unhappy - change it. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to love yourself, you deserve to be the best person you can possibly be: a (self-) loving, (self-) respectful, (self-) worthy person. I send you love.


Yours sincerely,





P.S. 03 Dec: I think I found out who it was. I once deleted and blocked this person on Facebook for a reason and am happy that this negative and obsessive person is not part of my life. God bless you! I hope that you´ll find inner peace.