Detox ABC: C - What dose? The diet plan

How to get rid of toxins and change your nutrition

Alright, you all know it from all kind of magazines, articles and books: the perfect diet plan with exact measurements for how much to eat and what to eat. Do you all have the same size, stature, body weight, metabolism, hunger, appetite and taste? No. So what´s important for your personal diet plan is that it fits you and your needs.

When it comes to me: I can eat a lot. I really mean a lot. But other times I´m not hungry at all and don´t eat that much for a couple of days. Not for eating less, but just because I´m not hungry and not having a lot of appetite. That´s totally okay as long as you´re not trying to eat less just to eat less. Because it´s a myth that it´s the quantity of food that makes you fat. It´s the wrong kind of food - in a big quantity or not. And there is a second myth: that eating low calories will make you skinny. It can, yes, if you are willing to hunger and sacrifice, but it´s usually that your metabolism starts storing every single bit that it can get because you are starving. And for also mentioning it: calories are overrated when you already have the right base. The state of mind is the most important tool for gaining or loosing weight - willingly or unwillingly. I can tell you a thing or two about it since I´m a hypersensitive person.


There are different forms of (raw) vegan diets and lifestyles and I´m gonna present you all of them in a different article for that you have an idea of it and can choose rightly for the future. All you have to know right now is that a high-carb nutrition will help you loose weight really fast - by eating more food than you have ever dreamed of. It´s the best start for becoming (raw) vegan since you are not craving for anything and getting used to a lot of raw greens, veggies and fruits. You don´t need to be hungry - at all. The goal is to eat a minmum of 80% carbs and a maximum of 10% fat and 10% protein of the calories you take in. Therefore a nutrition app is more than helpful. It captures all your food and shows if you´re eating highcarb or not. The Raw till four method is easy to live by: 2/3 of your calorie intake should be reached until 4 pm and should come from raw vegan food. Then you have a break until 6 pm (if you ate raw until 5 pm, you should not eat until 7 pm etc.). At that time you start eating cooked food and not raw anymore since your body digests raw food way faster than cooked, so you shouldn´t mix it up. Sounds complicated, but is way easier than you think. The good thing is that you start having a lot of energy because the harder digestible cooked food is only eaten at night when you´re going to sleep anyway. So during the day you feel light and jump or dance literally around since the easily digestible raw food gives you a lot of energy instead of encumbering you.


When I am doing Raw till four this is how a typical meal plan would look like on a random day:

  • Breakfast: Green Smoothie made of a lot of bananas, berries and greens like spinach and dandelion.
  • 2nd Breakfast: 4 mangos or 10 clementines.
  • Lunch: (Watermelon) Smoothie or big bowl of salad.
  • Snack: Dates plus some nuts.
  • Dinner: Broiled potatoes or pasta with a lot of veggies.


This nutrition has helped a lot of people so far to overcome anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and carnivorism since there are no calorie restrictions. The opposite is the case: the more you eat the faster you loose body fat by getting all nutrients that are needed. If you are only skin and bones, you will gain some weight of course, but not more than needed. And you only need to move a minimum a day like walking 30 minutes for seeing goals - but of course it´s better for your health if you´re moving more than that and exercising in a regular base.


From there it´s easy to go completely highcarb raw vegan. Having a big bowl of salad for dinner instead of cooked food. It feels great and you´re not craving for anything cooked - as long as you are eating enough carbs.


But even if you´re not into following rules you will realize that a vegan diet will feel good to you. You should only take care to eat natural, unprocessed food and salt as explained in Detox ABC: A & B. No GMOs and additives, but organic, healthy food. Since they are not only great for detoxing, but also rich in minerals and vitamin B12, I would also recommend the daily intake of chlorella and/or spirulina. At the moment I take about 20 spirulina tablets a day and soon also chlorella again. Depending on your body it´s possible that you should take a smaller amount.


Right now I´m having a pretty relaxed nutrition that is mostly raw and highcarb with usually one cooked meal a day. I´m walking at least 40 minutes a day outside (also important for vitamin D!) and feeling great - getting more in shape again and going to start to work out regularely in January again when I´m gonna join a gym and do self-defense - I have missed both of it a lot. It´s so important to have regular exercise that you actually enjoy. Mine must be flexible since my work schedule is changing weekly, but if you can I would totally recommend sports clubs and yoga classes. It´s so much fun to exercise in a known group of people. If it is swimming, soccer, tennis, dance, field-hockey or volleyball - it´s fun to have competitions and be part of a team. And for the less freezing season: What´s better than a good hike? Right! So just try to go vegan and move your body.


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