How the energy of your food affects your body

Healing energy

I´m sure that you´ve been in the situation before: you were really stressed out and then you ate something in a hurry that made your stomach go loopy. Usually you can handle the simple sugar, the saturated fat or the wheat of that dish, but when your body is stressed it´s getting really sensitive.

Now let´s turn the situation around: what if you would have had a green smoothie, a fruit bowl or a garden salad instead? Your stomach would have felt better for sure. That´s because it can digest fresh plantbased food the best. But that´s not the only reason. Let´s go one step further.


In Japan there were studies about the energy of your food. Good energy – good for your body. Bad energy – bad for your body. But what does it mean according to food?


When animals go to the slaughter house, their bodies are full of stress hormones. They are in a new situation, they are afraid and they smell the death since the odor of the before killed animals is still there. These hormones that they produce while still alive stay in the meat after the killing. So if the animal was treated rightly and the killing process was as peaceful as a slaughter can be, there are less stress hormones, means less negative energy in the meat. So it´s better for your body and also tastes better compared to the one of the stressed out animal.


But if we´re honest, killing can never be stress-free. Only possible exception: direct bolt shoot on the pasture while you´re petting the animal – that case is so extremely seldom that you will surely won´t even have heard about it before.


But what about dairy and eggs, you might ask. Well, do you have your own cow that you pet and treat rightly and who´s calf is allowed to stay with her? And do you have your own chickens that are allowed to run around in the garden, pick in the earth, eat worms and seeds, and lay their eggs in a beautiful stray nest in the wooden henhouse that you built by yourself? Let´s be honest – that reality exists somewhere in (again) extremely seldom cases, but it´s not the reality of where your dairy and eggs come from.


The calf of the cow who´s dairy you are drinking was stolen right after birth and if it was male it was hold in a small box until it was slaughtered. So the cow was screaming, crying – yes, also cows can, I´ve seen and heard it by myself – for her calf. What does it mean? Stress hormones. The cow was then brought to the milking installation where her huge udder was emptied roughly. What does it mean? Stress hormones. Then she was brought back to the stable with the hard concrete ground and in the majority of cases, she never had fresh grass and seen the blue blue sky. Because of the selective breeding, she has a huge udder that is heavy and often gets infected. Means pain and pus, means – you guess it right: stress hormones.


Let´s get to the reality of the chickens. Male baby chickens came directly into the shredding machine, female ones were put into small laying batteries where they can barely move and that are seldom cleaned. Stress, stress, stress. Or they were put into free-range husbandry where they are hold with way too many other chickens and way too little hay and straw on the concrete ground, so they peck out each other´s feathers and are: hurt and stressed out.


So if you eat meat, eggs, dairy that is from other places than your own, you can be sure that it is full of stress hormones, means negative energy which stresses your body even if you don´t feel it immediately since you´re used to it.


But also plants can have bad energy. It´s when they were sprayed with a lot of chemicals – herbicides, insecticides, fungicides. They may have survived and only the other plants (weed), the insects (also bees and butterflies) and fungi were killed, but it means a lot of stress for the plant system for sure.


Different in the ecological sector where plants are grown naturally on healthy ground, with direct sunlight and in a chemical-free ecosystem – and therefore are full of positive energy that influences your body positively.


So it´s as easy as it sounds: fresh, unprocessed, plant-based organic food is full of positive energy – and also contains all the vitamins, trace elements and fibers your body needs to be healthy and to relax when it´s stressed out. Non plant-based, pesticides containing and highly processed food instead is full of negative energy that stresses your body over short or long.


Summarizing, it´s not only good thoughts that influence your body positively with positive energy. It´s also good food that can heal your body with positive energy and keep it healthy. So we don´t even need to talk about hyperacidity and diseases that animal-based food, simple sugars, saturated fat, highly processed and pesticides containing food affects – we can also only look at the energy to make a point. It´s as simple as the scientists in Japan found out: good energy is good for your body, bad energy is bad for your body. Just try it yourself.


Bon appétit!