Seven days of fasting

The Experience of Emptiness

Fasting - discipline, self-effacement, abjuration. We´re in the middle of Lenting season, 40 days in between Ash Wednesday and Holy Saturday. This time of renunciation in Christian calendar is meant for fasting - not only regarding food, drugs and vices, but also bad thoughts, old believes and negative emotions. It´s a time to get rid of everything - physically by not eating and spiritually by emtying your mind.

Alone in the desert. Jesus fasted 40 days in the desert and fought with the devil.
Alone in the desert. Jesus fasted 40 days in the desert and fought with the devil.

Fasting is proved to have life-prolonging effects. It helps your body to build substances that trap harmful and redundant substances, working like a systematic garbage disposal. Your cells regenerate and so does your body. Studies have shown that fasting helps to live longer, recover faster from diseases and defeat others.


I´ve done seven days of juice fasting once before. It was hard and I wasn´t ready. I did not not have the spiritual level and motivation that I have now. The will to empty yourself from everything is essential for a succesful fasting, for a positive experience instead of a punishment.


I´m gonna fast for one entire week. Sunday to Sunday, starting tomorrow. I´m doing it for myself, for becoming an empty sheet again, for restoring my inner self and energy.


I´m motivated, but I know: it´s gonna be super hard!


So here are my personal rules about what is allowed and what isn´t:


Yes: Water, Green Tea, Hot & Cold Infusions, Lemon Juice, Wild Herbs, Spices, Psyllium Husks (Flea Seeds), Chlorella & Spirulina, a Berry now and then.


No: Alcohol, Drugs & Coffee (I don´t consume it anyway), Food, Juice, Black Tea, Smoothie (except of Wild Herbs).


I´m also gonna meditate and move (bike, walk, dance, muscle exercises) as much or more than usual. Plus home office and regular life.


I invite you to accompany me by following me on my fasting experience that I share with you day for day (Website, Instagram, Facebook). If you feel motivated and inspired you can join as well.


See you tomorrow! 🌙

Day 1

Day one of fasting might be the easiest day. I´ve done home-office all day, so I had some kind of distraction. Until 6 pm I didn´t even crave for anything. Sure, the Green Smoothie that my family had this morning looked so good and the one they had for dinner looked even better as hunger grew continually! The smell, knowing how it would taste like, knowing that it would satisfy me... But it was okay, the cravings are not bad at all yet. It´s been super easy so far.


In the morning the idea of fasting for seven days frightened me. Seven days on which I could eat the most delicious things instead of not eating at all! Like fresh raw pesto made with bearleak from the garden. Green Smoothies with fruits and wild herbs from the garden. Nuts and nicecream. Pure red-bell peppers and lettuce fruit wraps. ... I could continue the list. Fact is: I enjoy eating. There are times when I´m not motivated to eat and it doesn´t give me any satisfaction, but in general I love to taste the different flavors of fresh food and the different ingredients of a homemade dish.


Concentrating on my work was super easy today, but unfortunately I didn´t find any time for a walk or a bike tour. It was a long day and I spent some time outside in the garden, sitting on a steamer chair in the sun - in front of my computer. Right now I guess that from day 3 on fasting could become harder and harder, but let´s see. Right now I don´t desire anything. I was happy with my hot and cold infusions as well as green tea and pure water. For details check out my Instagram. In fact, it was perfectly fine. And I´m not even afraid anymore of the continuing days. A fact that might change quickly.


Since my stomach is empty and I feel normal hunger, falling asleep will be a little bit more difficult than usual. It will feel like when you´re coming home at night and you´re hungry, but also tired - so you could whether eat something and therefore be awake longer or go asleep immediately even though you´re hungry. Luckily meditation will help for sure.


Let´s see how it will be tomorrow. Good night, fellows!

Day 2

One step at a time. One stone... One day... Even tough day two was easy and I didn´t feel hungry, there is still the thought of missing out on delicious food. Seeing and smelling some of my favorite cooked dishes today provoked a lot of appetite for it. But the appetite only lasted for like five minutes, so it was totally fine. I´m honestly surprised about it. I drank my tea (same like yesterday) and didn´t eat anything - and it´s okay. Except of the mentioned feeling about missing out on something. And being thirsty because I forget to drink enough.


I´ve got no clue how it will be tomorrow. Maybe as fine as it was today. But I´m still like: so many days left! I mean it´s Monday, guys!


And there´s a thing that annoys me! Even though I only have a couple of days left with my family, I´m sitting in front of the computer all day. Home-office. My luggage and boxes are still unpacked, I´ve seen my nephews and nieces once, I haven´t taken my dog on a bike ride or been to the woods yet... Ahhhhhh. It sucks. Not very Zen, but I´m sure that you know that feeling!


Good night, fellows, it´s 1 am and I´ve got work to do. After some sleep.

Day 3

It´s a new day and I´m a new me. I decided that today I´m gonna do all the things (or at least most of them) that I didn´t find time for. If not I´m getting crazy for sure! So the first thing that I´m gonna do this morning is: doing a long bike tour with my little dog. He loves sitting in the basket of my bike, looking over the landscape, feeling the wind in his fur and running around now and then - he makes a little sound for showing me that he wants to be put down or lift up again. He´s a Yorki and he is the cutest little one - at least if I find time to cut his hair again. He´s looking like Fuchur - the huge dog in The Neverending Story. And I want him to look like Lord again. If you´ve got a dog yourself you surely know how crazy pet owners get about their little darlings. He´s my Lordi Mouse.


So, we´ve got Tuesday and: it´s day three of fasting! I actually feel pretty good! I don´t feel hungry at all. Well, my tummy does now and then, but it doesn´t feel like because my spirit isn´t hungry for food. I don´t even have the feeling of missing out on something anymore. Seems like I´m getting more Zen. I guess it´s because I allowed myself to get angry last night. I was mad. And it´s important not to ignore your emotions. You have them for a reason and you can only be your true self if you allow yourself to feel it. I´m not talking about yelling at people just because you´re mad - these people are difficult especially if you have to work with them. I´m talking about feeling it and dealing with it yourself.


It´s tea time, fellows! And then I´m gonna jump onto my bike! Yay!

Day 4

I can´t believe that day four is already over! I seriously thought that fasting would be incredibly hard, but it wasn´t so far. Tomorrow is already day 5, can you believe that?!


I didn´t even have the typical symptoms that many people have during the first days of fasting: I didn´t have digestive trouble, tiredness, dizziness, nausea or blemished skin at all!

The time I was doing fasting before it was different. It´s a couple of years ago, so it´s clear that your nutrition is responsible on how your body feels when you´re fasting. I had not been vegan for long back then, I had just turned from vegetarian to vegan. So my body was still full of toxins, concretions etc. from consuming dairy products and processed food (and honestly I already ate mostly organic!). Therefore I had all different kind of symptoms when I was fasting back then. My body had to get rid of all the old neglected deposits! So it´s no wonder that fasting was super hard back then.


Since almost 6 years I´ve been eating vegan now. Mostly organic and no bullshit - getting more and more strict about it and mostly eating raw unprocessed food. It´s crazy to me what difference it makes. Not only in how your body and mind feel in every day life, but also in fasting.


The update in short: I´m still not hungry (actually not at all), appetite is low, energy level high. But I´m gonna already start eating Saturday night instead of Sunday morning again since I´m gonna meet up with a very close friend all day ending up at a vegan restaurant for dinner.


I wish you a wonderful night or day! Xoxo

Day 5

When you get used to hunger without feeling it...  Day five of fasting is over and it´s crazy how easy not eating has been so far. Neither my mind nor my body feel hungry at all! I don´t even have appetite when I see and smell delicious food. I totally lost my motiviation to eat - and I´m not motivated to eat again. Also the dinner that I´m gonna have with my friend on Saturday in that really cool vegan restaurant: I´m motivated to go there with her, but not to eat the dishes - even though I know how good it tastes. It´s funny, isn´t it? But I need to start eating again and I´m sure that I´m gonna enjoy it.


My brother is thinking about fasting regurarely. More accurate: one day per week. It´s proven to also have positive effects on your body, but that wouldn´t be a thing for me. I guess I just might do two days of fasting now and then, maybe twice a year. But let´s see about it. An empty stomach is a good feeling, but you shouldn´t get too used to it. You should feel happy about filling it with healthy food again. That´s why fasting is not recommend for people with eating-disorders. You could get too used to it and stop eating at all. Don´t do it, life is beautiful and you can be happy and healthy if you start eating vegan organic unprocessed food - no alcohol, no cigarettes, no drugs. Vegan Raw X.


Have a good night or day, fellows! See you tomorrow at Instagram, Instastory and right here when I´ve got a new update for you.

Day 6

If only I would have fallen asleep earlier - day six of fasting would have been successful... But instead I stayed up the whole night. I just couldn´t fall asleep. The two hours of sleep I finally got were restless. I had tried to be there for someone, but it was nerve-recking, strong stuff that kept me awake for way too long worrying about the person and the end of the story!


I was a wreck when I woke up early this morning. A lack of sleep is the worst for me, my body can´t handle it: I had a throbbing headache and nausea when I got up. I was extremely tired! I felt okay when I had had my lemon water and then it was time to go: we went to that pretty little plant nursery getting cute garden inspirations and new flowers. They also have a cafe where my family ate and I had a green tea with wild flower infusion.


I nearly doze off the whole time and when we arrived at the wildlife park I nearly threw up - even though there was only liquid in my stomach. My body needed energy, that for sure, so I had a piece of apple and it helped! That´s when I decided that I would need to break up my fasting experience earlier than expected. For the good of my body that had handled the fasting very well and without showing a lack of energy for five entire days. But now was the point when I realized that my body needed energy to refill it´s storage and be able to handle a stressful night with way too little sleep - and an early periode.


I´m glad that I decided to do what´s best for my body - because you need to respect it and listen to it´s signals. And in fact I don´t need to proof anything to anybody. I could have continued fasting easily - but for what price. My body needed energy to handle stress and a lack of sleep and now it needs rest. That´s why I´m already going asleep.


Good night, fellows. Or good day :) Tomorrow is day seven and I´m gonna tell you what I learned from that experience and about fasting.

Day 7

Today would have been day seven of fasting. I kept fasting for 5 1/2 days straight until my body needed energy for mentioned reasons. From my experience, that´s what I can recommend for fasting:


• Even though fasting is already recommend for 18 hours up, I would recommend it for longer since you´re body needs more time to acclimate. For noticing an effect you should do it 48 hours up if you are vegan (eating healthy vegan food since a couple of years) and 72 hours up if you´re not.


• If you´re not vegan since a couple of years, I wouldn´t recommend to integrate your first fasting experience into your regular life. There will be too many side-effects such as nausea, dizziness, digestive problems, headache and tiredness, so you shouldn´t need to go to work or drive from A to B during that time. Different if you´ve already been vegan for a while (I´m not talking about being on a junkfood diet) - you should easily be able to integrate up to four days of fasting into your regular life. But that differs from person to person depending on the regular diet and habits like drinking, smoking and using chemical cosmetics etc. The healthier you live, the easier your fasting experience will be.


• If you don´t have time for a good base of exercise, relaxation and meditation on each day of fasting, you shouldn´t do it for more than four days. I had less time for exercise than I expected that week, so after day five you could see that my muscle mass had gotten a tiny bit smaller, until then it was only fat that was burned during the fasting. If you have time for exercise, you can easily fast for a whole week or even two without losing your body structure.


• If you want to fast more than one week I wouldn´t recommend doing it on your own, but on a fasting journey. There you have a group of spiritual people, do meditation and exercise together, motivate each other, learn to relax and have the ultimate experience.


• If you are over-weight an organized fasting experience over a couple of weeks is proven to be helpful and an amazing opportunity to get onto the right track. You just need to prepare yourself for the new diet that you´re gonna have afterwards.


• There are also other forms of fasting than the one that I did, but I wouldn´t recommend each of them. Soup fasting means that you´re still filling your body with cooked food instead of getting rid of all ballast - an alternative if your regular diet contains meat and dairy. Juice fasting means that you´re giving your body sugar that will keep it hungry starving for more - no alternative except if you´re only drinking veggie juice and no fruit juice. Smoothie fasting is great since you´re getting all nutrients - but it is not fasting in my opinion since you still nurture your body. I would recommend it anyway since you´re doing your body a favor by feeding it with organic greens, fruits, veggies and seeds. It´s a first step into changing your diet and adopting a vegan (raw) diet into your life.


Summing up, I would recommend fasting, but two to four days are usually enough if you just want to profit from all the amazing effects on your body. For the ultimate spiritual or shed experience do it for four days up to six weeks in a guided fasting journey - they usually have a physician on board, so it´s safe. Recommendable are journeys where you are also taught about how to integrate a vegan (raw) diet into your life. Do not fast if you have an eating disorder or are underweight!


I´m gonna enjoy a delicious Green Smoothe with Wild Herbs from our garden now. I love raw food and the way it makes you feel. Different to cooked food, it gives you energy instead of slowing you down. But that is a different story... See you on Instagram! xx