Shame of blood

Appreciate The Feminine

There is a reason why there is male and female - even though it seems like men and women are equally afraid of the feminine. They forgot where they come from and how they were created. It's like they said goodbye to nature and hello to artificiality. Therefore many of them are just grossed out when it comes to blood. More precisely: menstrual blood.

Making art: "Appreciate The Feminine" by Diana Amadea
Making art: "Appreciate The Feminine" by Diana Amadea

Honestly, it's no surprise! How could we think positively about menstruation if we aren't even allowed to talk about it. At least not if we want to avoid strange looks from other females and repulsed looks from males.


It´s likely that having your period every (or very second) month feels like injustice to you. Why the heck is it necessary to have this burden from Mother Nature?! You might also suffer from pain and mood changes, indigestion and strong bleeding. And don´t you think that what comes out of you is just disgusting?


Well, you have these kind of thoughts and feelings because there is a lack of role models. Women who are self-confident, in balance with their body, mind and soul and proud of their own nature are exotic strangers in a world of taught superficiality. We haven't grown up with our parents talking in a natural way about menstruation. Most of us have actually grown up with our parents not talking about it at all and teachers just mentioned the biological process as short as possible for that they get over with that bloody topic as fast as possible - while flushed with shame. That´s why it's nearly impossible for young adults not being embarrassed about having a period or talking about it. The cycle of fertility is afflicted with shame.


And there is only one way to change the shame of blood into pride of blood: We need to start appreciating the feminine! We need to start talking about it in a natural, most common way - because having a period is natural and most common for half of society. We need to start being proud of being a woman instead of calling ourselves a girl - a woman is fertile, a child isn´t. We need to say Fuck you! to a media landscape, industry and society that is teaching us to be ashamed of being a woman - including our menstruation, vagina, body hair, fertility and motherhood - and instead is teaching us to want to stay a girl - for being much more powerless than we could be.


Economy wants us to buy products that make us look like a girl - a grown-up, shaved, over-sexualized, cheeky, but insecure girl that is able to get children, but doesn´t want it anymore. Therefore this adult girl doesn´t see a sense in having a period. She doesn´t see menstruation and therefore fertility as a gift. She sees it as a burden. And is ashamed, afraid, disgusted and sick of her own nature.


Nonetheless what we are, we have to appreciate the feminine. We give life! And therefore even what appears gross to the ones who have lost touch to nature is beautiful: our vagina same as our menstrual blood. It's thanks to it that we can give birth, receive and create living beings, be part of the rhythm of life.

The rooted feminism doesn´t see men and women as opponents, but as allies. Only if both are connected to their roots and Mother Nature, they are able to live in balance with themselves and each other in a way that respects men and women, the environment and life itself.