What does beauty mean?


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, people say. Beauty is also measurable by the laws of symmetry. But what we call beautiful is mostly determined by the media and as a result by the society we are living in. Our perception of beauty is other-directed.

The coolest online fashion stores with the hottest sustainable styles

Let´s dress eco, fair, vegan!

Hello, fashion lovers! We want to live ecologically responsible and here are the good news: eco fashion can look super hot!

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Guide how to organize your wardrobe

Neat & Clear

Let's talk honestly: my wardrobe is huge. I've got a lot of dresses, sweaters, hats, tops, shoes, jewelry... In my closet you find second hand next to designer pieces next to H&M... Therebetween: only a few consciously produced pieces. Yet.

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Why I decided not to buy H&M anymore

Hello brain

Do you get the fashion newsletter? H&M has the coolest looks for an incredibly low price. Always fresh! I mean you get the newsletter at least once the week, they've got always new looks and they put stuff on sale the whole time. Yeah, H&M knows how to make you to want to buy! They even have a conscious line. For that you feel less guilty when you buy their clothes?

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When fake fur is real fur

Are you wearing dog?

Let´s be honest - fur can look great. You can look whether sophisticated, cool or sexy in it. But only if it´s fake! Even vegans love it and more and more people deny purchasing real fur. It´s not socially accepted anymore to wear skin and hair of conscious, feeling, suffering beings that were intentionally killed.


I remember when I touched a fur stole for the first time. It felt so wrong to the five years old me. The fur was cold, not like when you are touching a living animal and petting it. Another stole even had a fox head on it. I was disgusted and so was my mom. It was part of the belongings of an old aunt who had passed away and we gave it to a clothing drive to Russia. Back then my mom told me for the first time from what animals fur coats are made of and how many have to die for it.

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Make-up War

Why we think we need it

Make-up is some form of warpaint. Different to warriors we don’t use it to scare off, but to attract. While warriors want to protect themselves by looking terrifying, we want to protect ourselves by attracting others. We are afraid to present ourselves naturally, clean, free of make-up in public, because we dread people’s opinions and judgments. If we would present ourselves unmade-up, we’d be naked. Everyone could see what we are about unvarnished.

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Foto © Ben Bernschneider
Foto © Ben Bernschneider