I´ve been travelling a lot so far and still want to explore so many places. I´ve lived in different countries, travelled by walking for miles and doing hitch-hiking, stayed in hostels and tents as well as in couchsurfers´ apartments and on farms where I´ve been WWOOFing... I´ve travelled and wandered - and I´m sure: There is a place for everyone in this world, a place called home, close to your roots.


Stagnation means Death. Change means Life.

Shame of blood

Appreciate The Feminine

There is a reason why there is male and female - even though it seems like men and women are equally afraid of the feminine. They forgot where they come from and how they were created. It's like they said goodbye to nature and hello to artificiality. Therefore many of them are just grossed out when it comes to blood. More precisely: menstrual blood.

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The Island

Plans are ideas, nor more nor less

Before I took my flight to the Emerald Island, I didn´t post where I was about to go. I had a plan and was excited when telling my friends and colleagues about. But I knew from experience that plans can always change. And so they did.

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When the world is mute

A walk in the snow

Silence. There is so few silence in this world. Silence has become the biggest luxury. Even in the countryside you hear the persistent sound of cars - and of engines and gun shots now and then. I remember walking in the woods and fields when I was a child. Noise was low. There was a silence, especially in winter. It was still the countryside that you imagine.

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A year to remember

Challenge accepted

2016 was the cosmical year of Mars - fraught with tension, pugnacious, with conflictual potential. The year of perseverance. That´s what it was for me. It was a hard year, a tearful year, a happy year, a victorious year. It made me realize how strong I am and how much I have grown mentally and spiritually. As kitschy as it may sound: I survived every storm, sailed my boat through the most capricious waves and didn´t drown.

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You hate me - I send you love

Stop hating and start being happy

There are people who hate me - still, after so many years. Not because I'm a bad person, not because I hurt them, not because I deserve it. They hate me because I distinguished from them back then and always will - while being happy being who I am and not trying to be who they are.

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Do you know me?

How our expectations of a person may differ from the truth

There are people who are sure that they do know you. And there are people who really do. Of course we don't show each of our sides to every person, it differs depending on how close we are and how we are treated. I wouldn't say that I do know every side of my closest friends - I'm not their lover, their mother, their father, their sibling, their ex, their boss... - but since we are close I know many sides of them. Sides they wouldn't show to anybody. Same for me.

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You were pressured to abort me, but you decided to love me

Thank you, mom for not aborting me like most mothers would have done

It was in the early 90s when my mom was told by her doctor that she should abort the baby she was carrying. She was nearly 40 - for him already reason enough to end pregnancy - and he had found out that her child had the down-syndrome.

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Where I come from

About me and my journey

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