Life means more than to function. You can go to work, earn a lot of money, drive an expensive car, wear high-fashion brands, be acknowledged by society - and be happy with all of it. But maybe you´re not. Maybe money and recognition aren´t enough for you. Maybe you hate doing that good job, maybe you don´t see any sense in it and everything it has to offer. If that´s the case I understand how you feel. I decided to rather be happy than rich and recognised. Hopefully I will be both one day. But until then I use my time to do things I love, things that have a value for me, things in which I see a higher sense. I know that you can´t be happy by just quitting everything, you need to grow spiritually. You are nothing if you don´t love yourself.

Seven days of fasting

The Experience of Emptiness

Fasting - discipline, self-effacement, abjuration. We´re in the middle of Lenting season, 40 days in between Ash Wednesday and Holy Saturday. This time of renunciation in Christian calendar is meant for fasting - not only regarding food, drugs and vices, but also bad thoughts, old believes and negative emotions. It´s a time to get rid of everything - physically by not eating and spiritually by emtying your mind.

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The meaning of Christmas

Yule - The Northern feast of light

I am happy. I was thinking about what Christmas means to me today. When I was a child and even a few years ago, I enjoyed the tradition of Christmas. I was reading the Christmas story every year, decorating the house and tree with my mom, reading Christmas poems, baking cookies, singing Christmas carols and playing them on my guitar... It used to be a very special time for me and I enjoyed making the feast as peaceful as possible for my whole family. 

Today I see Christmas in a different light.
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Tapping Acupressure

The easiest way to a happy mind

I´m a pretty relaxed person, but there are things that make me nervous. Certain situations or people literally tense my body. For a while it even stressed me out before the situation happened because I knew what I had to expect. But a few years ago I learned to handle it by using a simple technique that calms my body down: Tapping acupressure. This technique that I was taught by my naturopaths is also called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which gets to the heart of it: It helps you to free yourself from negative thinking patterns and thereby from negative emotions.

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The Appreciation of Loneliness

Emergency Kit: How to accept loneliness and let the pain go

I was wandering along the beach. Stones, rocks, autumn leaves and shells under my feet. The sun was shining on my naked arms and there was a wind blowing threw my hair and the long grass of the peninsula. There was a feeling of gratitude inside of me, a peaceful mind, zen*. I wasn't thinking too much, I just let it flow, I was.

But how comes that you can have this feeling, be happy when you are alone, actually enjoy loneliness?

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